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Why Crossfit Solent?

Supportive Community

At CrossFit Solent, our coaches and our members are one big family. When you walk into the gym, you know most if not all of the people in the gym, and they become your friends. This support network is a massive benefit in maintaining your commitment to training and staying healthy. It also makes your time at the gym more enjoyable, something that you look forward to as opposed to being a chore.

Caring, Professional Coaches

Our coaches are all qualified and experienced, having been through an intensive intern programme before becoming a class coach. As all of the training we offer is coached, our coaching staff are seeing you train and develop every time you come into the gym. They are an integral part of your fitness journey, and are there to help you every step of the way.

Accountability to YOUR Fitness Goals

The supportive community and experienced coaches ensure that you stay on task and on target with your own personal fitness goals. In addition if you have a particular event or goal that you are looking to specifically train for, then our coaches can assist you in achieving your goals.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Training and nutrition go hand in hand, so at CrossFit Solent we offer nutrition coaching to help with your goals, whether that is fat loss, sports performance or mass gaining.

What our members say

Our Crossfit Space

CrossFit Solent

  • Qualified, experienced coaches
  • Large, well equipped facility
  • Wide range of classes and specialties
  • Small coached classes
  • Great Community
  • Coaches Warm Up Strength Squat: 3@80%, 3@85%, 3+@90% Work Capacity L3 12 Min AMRAP 20x Wall Ball, 14x KB Swing(32/24), 8x TTB L2 12 Min AMRAP 20x Wall Ball, 14x KB......

  • Coaches Warm Up Strength: Press: 3@80%, 3@85%, 3+@90% Work Capacity: L3 5RFT 4x MU, 8x HSPU, 12x Box Jump L2 5RFT 4x Strict PullUp, 8x HSPU, 12x Box Jump L1 5RFT......

  • Coaches Warm Up Partner Filthy 100: 100 Box jump @ 20″/24″ inch box 100 Jumping pull-ups 100 Kettlebell swings @ 24/16kg 100 Walking Lunge steps 100 Knees to elbows 100......